Minna Graham Ceramics


The teacup is such a powerful vessel as it is a conduit of ritual, and transporter of nourishment. I create vessels that are designed to embellish and enhance the experience of drinking tea. I hope to draw you in and deepen the experience by providing another dimension of senses, through your hands and lips and eyes, and bringing the whole mind and body into the ritual of tea drinking.

Travelling to Japan in 2012 and again in 2014 to undertake workshops in Karatsu Teaware and Kintsugi ignited my passion for teaware. I now specialise in Teaware and have since become a lifetime member of The Australian Cultural Tea Seminar (AUSTCS) after winning the AUSTCS Tea Cup Competition. I now make teaware for several Tea institutions across Australia, including Kuura and Storm in a Teacup. My achievements in this field also include an Honorable Mention, Studio @ Flinders Teapot Exhibition 2012, and a Highly Commended Functional Teapot Award, Melbourne Teapot Competition. I regularly exhibit, speak and demonstrate at various tea events such as the Melbourne Tea Festival, and BrewIN- a Slow Tea Event. In 2019, I was invited as a guest speaker to give a presentation at the 2019 AUSTCS event in Hobart, Tasmania.