Minna Graham Ceramics

Artist Statement

“Working intuitively, my conscious mind is void. I hold this void open long enough to allow something to unfold, something I can make sense of: a collision of my emotions, experiences and environment.“

I live in the Central Highlands of Victoria where I am deeply affected by my environment. Nature is my greatest influence. The softness and gentle warmth of spring with a memory of an icy winter. The threat of bush fire, the sweltering scorch and breathless, dry heat of summer. Autumnal colours and the smell of cut wood for the fire, are all aspects embodied in my work. From blackened wood and earth, to native gums and moss, I am interested in the relationship between humanity and nature as one of both peace and tension.
I respond to my natural surroundings by creating functional, contemporary forms and employing traditional techniques and practices. I use the tradition of Japenese and Korean tea ceremony as a platform to construct forms that are purposeful and provide a canvas to explore my ideas. By nature, this tradition is very reflective and medative, teaware is made to be both functional and contemplative.

I use contrasting elements to achieve balance. I carve, tear, cut and rip to expose what is below the surface. Using slips, pigments, and glazes to create tonal contrasts and textures, I describe my emotional responses to contrasting seasons, cultures, and traditions.